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Tribal Nations MC

Photo taken in 2014 show the foundation members known as the originals. There were 18 members comprising 16 full sets and two supporters. 31st February traditional Maori blessing of the club colors by Tainui Kaumatua (elder) Charles Tahana.

See the actual video.

Our Story

The year 2014 marks the birth of Tribal Nations MC, where members known as the Originals sat around a table and decided to take the kaupapa to the world.

The name Tribal Nations derives from the meaning clan, tribe, band, nation, group or community. Simply we are a tribe of all nations. TNMC is inclusive made up of like-minded people from all nations, backgrounds, and cultures.

100% pure NZ homegrown and indigenously Kiwi international. A social motorcycle club with an emphasis on a campaign to help spread awareness around all forms of violence, abuse, and suicide. Today TNMC continue their work with a growing membership spreading the F.A.I.T.H and guiding principles.

HQ (head quarters)

The main HQ is Te Puku mother region located in Ngāruawāhia the heart of Waikato, the Washington DC of TNMC. The club structure is unique and has evolved to meet today’s community needs. Regions are managed by the  Ambassadors table, with the executive table consisting of an elected President who manages and oversees the entire club from a national level.

TNMC is a BPNG - Back Patch Non-Gang. The term used in the TNMC world is Back Set.

Respect is shown when it comes to the wearing of colors in communities, towns, regions, and on marae. Non-threatening, law-abiding, friendly to all people groups, clubs, and gangs. TNMC continues to strive and build a positive reputation in the community.

Mission Statement

To support those in the community who are disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and suffering serious illness, neglect, deprivation, abuse, whether physical or emotional and addictions.

Constitution in brief

Tribal Nations Motorcycle Community TNMC is a global movement representing a tribe of all nations. Originating in Ngāruawāhia TNMC, Te Puku is the founding region. TNMC’s operating model is made up of an elected President and Executive. Each region is managed by Ambassadors and their committee members.


All members are recognized as having basic human and equal rights. TNMC operates as a democracy, where full members exercise their power through voting and elections, guided by the elected Executive who resides in Waikato. All regions national and international are governed by the TNMC Constitution.

TNMC is a BEA British, European and American, motorcycle club, but for greater participation, have non-B.E.A and nonrider membership levels where all members enjoy the benefits thereof.  TNMC enjoys social rides with organized motorcycle campaign events to help raise awareness around all forms of violence, abuse, and suicide.

Goals and objectives of TNMC is spreading the F.A.I.T.H and guiding principles of KOTAHITANGA, MANAAKITANGA, TINO RANGATIRATANGA, MANA WHENUA, KAITIAKITANGA.


The constitution is our underpinning document, recognizing the Tino Rangatiratanga and Mana whenua of all people. As Kaitiaki TNMC members make the pledge as guardians and caretakers of the F.A.I.T.H with the aim to fulfilling our mission statement.

Principles of F.A.I.T.H

The acronym F.A.I.T.H unique to TNMC outlines five basic principles or core values. F.A.I.T.H as defined by the kaupapa of TNMC as having complete trust, conviction, and confidence in someone or something with discernment, good judgment, love, and understanding.



(Family) Family comes first.



(Acceptance) To be accepting with discernment the unique differences of all people, cultures, religions, and beliefs.



(Integrity) To be authentic, whole, complete, and of good character.



(Trust) To be reliable, sincere, and trustworthy.



(Honesty) To be honorable, have good morals and principles.


Guiding Principles


Whakatauki - Māori proverb        

Nāku te rourou nāu te rourou ka ora ai te iwi…More hands make light work - With mine and your shared gifts, talents, and resources, our people, together will grow, flourish and thrive.



Pronounced (Core-tar-he-tongue-agh) The state or quality of being one, togetherness oneness in unity forming a whole. In complete harmony, united for a common purpose or cause. One kaupapa. Individual collective and inclusiveness.



Pronounced (Ma-na-key-tongue-agh) extract from Ngāti Raukawa rangatira, Professor Whatarangi Winiata “behavior that acknowledges the mana of others as having equal or greater importance than one’s own, through the expression of Aroha, (love) hospitality, generosity, and mutual respect.”  Elevates the status of all, building unity through humility and the act of giving.








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