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Frequently asked Questions

Are you a Gang?

No, we are a social motorcycle club with an emphasis on campaigning to help spread awareness around all forms of violence, abuse and suicide.

But you wear a back patch?

Yes, we also ride motorcycles and wear leathers

How do Police treat you?

Like any other law abiding motorcycle club.

How do gangs treat you?

There is a mutual respect. We strive to continue to build bridges, break bread with all clubs, gang or non gang for the safety of our members and community as a whole.​

Are you a Māori club?

No. We are a tribe of all nations, even though the appearance, such as words, meanings and symbols are definitely Māori looking they are based on ancient universal concepts that embrace all races, creeds and cultures.​

Are you a New Zealand club only?


Are you a christian based motorcycle club?

We are a motorcycle club whose members are of many faiths, beliefs and religious denominations but we all abide by our constitution  based on the principles of FAITH, KOTAHITANGA, and MANAAKITANGA.

Do I require a motorcycle to join?

Yes but is not necessary. We value people who are willing to support our club. To be a member you need to be at least 18 years of age.

Are you a B.E.A British European and American Club?

Yes but for greater participation we have a non B.E.A membership level where all members enjoy the benefits thereof. ​

So I can still join with a non B.E.A bike,  like a Honda?



Is there a preferred style of motorcycle?

No scooters or farm bikes. Preference is for B.E.A two wheels and cruiser style but don't let this put you off.  Your support and commitment to the kaupapa is more important.

Who designed the TNMC brand?

Maori Artist and designer Tiki O'Brien 

Do you have women riders and members?



Family first is our motto . We encourage family, friends and tamariki children to be involved during our events.​

Is there a cost?

Like most clubs there is standard club fees but as a guest there is no cost.

What if I have a criminal conviction?

Anyone with a previous criminal conviction or current charges for sexual offending will automatically be excluded. Regards other crimes, unless there are extraordinary mitigating circumstances will be considered by the Executive.

I still ride with another club can I still be a member?

Fill in the form and let us know what club and we will get back to you.​

I used to ride or was a member of a gang. Can I still join?

We understand.  Fill in the form and let us get back to you.

Why do I need a Facebook page?

It will be to your advantage to keep up to date out about our rides, and events and to maintain contact with others in the group.

How long does it take to get my back set?

This will depend on many factors such as demonstrating your commitment to the kaupapa of TNMC  It also requires a nomination and vote..



Why no German helmets?

This is in no way disrespecting other riders or clubs who wear German helmets for reasons, such as biker fashion, personal or otherwise but is based on the kaupapa of TNMC Recognized international symbols of violence depicting Aryan or Nazi insignia and apparel WW11 are not permitted whilst wearing club colours.

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