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Please read carefully before making contact

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Do you enjoy social riding and going on adventures? Do you want to join a motorcycle club that supports your community helping to fight suicide, violence, and abuse? If so, we want you to join our crew.


We are an independent club, nonpolitical, inclusive of all faiths, cultures, and ethnicity, women and men, standing on our own merits and a solid reputation.


Firstly we are a B.P.N.G Back Patch Non-Gang, This means we wear the back patch (backset) but we are not a gang. If this puts you off right away. Do not read on. There are other clubs that can cater to your needs. Every member has earned the right to wear the backset and is the foundation of our club.

Our connections spread far, deep, and wide with respect to MC's social clubs and gangs, including  Iwi, and the wider community throughout New Zealand. This ensures the safety of our members and their whānau.

Secondly, we are B.E.A club. This is how we started meaning we are a British, European, American motorcycle club. However to encourage wider participation and diversity we are open to non (BEA) riders, male and female who are keen to be part of a growing family with supporters and members spread throughout New Zealand and over sea's.

Leave your ego, your past baggage, your attitude out the door,  come with an open heart and mind, relax, be humble, be yourself.

To find out how you can be part of our family CONTACT US NOW

We would like to get to know you. Please give us a little info about yourself, what you ride if you have a bike, Your skills, your family, and what you enjoy most in life.

If it all goes well you will be officially welcomed into our club online with the opportunity to look around, see what we are about, meet members, go on rides, and attend events as a guest.


It is recommended you have a Facebook site as 95% of our communications to members is through this method. Please check your settings to accept a friend request