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WAIKATO Ride of Respect

28th April 2019

RoR Poster 2019.png


Introduced to New Zealand from the UK to Jackie Adams, Previous Widows Sons MC member and White Ribbon Ambassador. After a few Tribal Nations members  Chris laird and Tiki O’Brien attended a R.O.R event in Auckland, the idea to host the Waikato R.O.R was born. Jackie and Tiki O’Brien had previously rode together on the South Island White Ribbon Ride, the connection had already been made, Jackie gave T.N.M.C the go ahead, the rest is history.

RA.T.S  Riders Against Teen Suicide

R.A.T.S is the flagship of T.N.M.C. Concept created by the legendary Supper Māori Fullas. Along side R.A.T.S was the Green Ribbon Trust. who’s responsibility was to support the R.A.T.S riders, during events, fund raising, coordinating with service providers.

Many people were involved, just to name a few, Eru Whare - Ex Chairman of Green Ribbon Trust, Kahui Neho, spokes person for mental health. Marketing, brand Tiki O’Brien.  

The original intention of RATS ran on similar lines to the White Ribbon Ride also the brain child of the Supper Māori Fullas. Without the need for R.A.T.S Chapters or presidents.  Any group or person can be a R.A.T.S rider regardless of their affiliation to a club allowing for greater participation and sense of ownership.


T.N.M.C were given the mandate, manawhakahaere by the Supper Māori Fullas to carry the R.A.T.S kaupapa, This tradition continues today.


Created by the Supper Māori Fullas. The White Ribbon Ride is one of the most exciting initiatives tackling this country’s crippling domestic violence record and involves riders who ride  through towns in the North and South Islands, picking up support along the way. Regardless of personal or political beliefs members are free to support the White Ribbon Ride in what ever capacity.

The White Ribbon Campaign continues to evolve over time to include many forms of violence not just domestic. November is the month when the ride kicks off. See website link. 

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